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Discovering Advanced Algebra (An Investigative Approach)

The algebra you find in this book won’t look quite like the algebra you may have seen in older textbooks. The mathematics we learn and teach in school has to change continually to reflect changes in our world. Our workplaces are changing, and technology is present everywhere, fundamentally changing the work we do. There are some new topics that are now possible to explore with technology, and some standard topics that can be approached in new ways. As the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Technology Principle says, When technological tools are available, students can focus on decision making, reflection, reasoning, and problem solving. This has been the focus of the authors and the Key Curriculum Press editorial team in the creation of Discovering Advanced Algebra: An Investigative Approach. As you progress through this book, you’ll see that graphing calculators and other technologies are used to explore patterns and to make, test, and generalize conjectures.
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