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Calculus Without Limits

Calculus without Limits is an original exposition of single-variable calculususing the classic differential approach. Written in an engaging, popular styleby an award-winning teacher, Calculus without Limits is thefirst completely new calculus book tohit the shelves in 95 years that deliberately minimizes the useof limits, one of the major stumbling blocks initially standing in the way ofcalculus students. Calculus without Limits presents its subject in nine chapters: 1) ‘Introduction’, 2) ‘Barrow’sDiagram’, 3) ‘The Two Fundamental Problems of Calculus’, 4) ‘Foundations’, 5)’Solving the First Problem’, 6) ‘Antiprocesses’, 7) ‘Solving the SecondProblem’, 8) ‘Sampling the Power of Differential Equations’, and 9)’Conclusion: Magnificent Shoulders’. Approximately 85 diagrams and a plethoraof worked examples help facilitate student understanding in an exposition thatmeasures a mere 330 pages from cover to cover. Real-life applications examineproblems from a variety of disciplines ranging from physics to finance.
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