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USA Mathematical Olympiads 1972-1986 (Problems and Solutions)

People delight in working on problems “”because they are there,”” for the sheer pleasure of meeting a challenge. This is a book full of such delights. In it, Murray S. Klamkin brings together 75 original USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) problems for yearss 1972-1986, with many improvements, extensions, related exercises, open problems, references and solutions, often showing alternative approaches. The problems are coded by subject, and solutions are arranged by subject, e.g., algebra, number theory, solid geometry, etc., as an aid to those interested in a particular field. Included is a Glossary of frequently used terms and theorems and a comprehensive bibliography with items numbered and referred to in brackets in the text. This a collection of problems and solutions of arresting ingenuity, all accessible to secondary school students. The USAMO has been taken annually by about 150 of the nation’s best high school mathematics students. This exam helps to find and encourage high school students with superior mathematical talent and creativity and is the culmination of a three-tiered competition that begins with the American High School Mathematics Examination (AHSME) taken by over 400,000 students. The eight winners of the USAMO are candidates for the US team in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Schools are encouraged to join this large and important enterprise. See page x of the preface for further information. This book includes a list of all of the top contestants in the USAMO and their schools. The problems are intriguing and the solutions elegant and informative. Students and teachers will enjoy working these challenging problems. Indeed, all those who are mathematically inclined will find many delights and pleasant challenges in this book.
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