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Fundamental Number Theory with Applications, Second Edition (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications)

An update of the most accessible introductory number theory text available, Fundamental Number Theory with Applications, Second Edition presents a mathematically rigorous yet easy-to-follow treatment of the fundamentals and applications of the subject. The substantial amount of reorganizing makes this edition clearer and more elementary in its coverage.New to the Second Edition

• Removal of all advanced material to be even more accessible in scope

• New fundamental material, including partition theory, generating functions, and combinatorial number theory

• Expanded coverage of random number generation, Diophantine analysis, and additive number theory

• More applications to cryptography, primality testing, and factoring

• An appendix on the recently discovered unconditional deterministic polynomial-time algorithm for primality testing

Taking a truly elementary approach to number theory, this text supplies the essential material for a first course on the subject. Placed in highlighted boxes to reduce distraction from the main text, nearly 70 biographies focus on major contributors to the field. The presentation of over 1,300 entries in the index maximizes cross-referencing so students can find data with ease.
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