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Counterexamples in Calculus (Classroom Resource Materials)

Counterexamples in Calculus serves as a supplementary resource to enhance the learning experience in single variable calculus courses. This book features carefully constructed incorrect mathematical statements that require students to create counterexamples to disprove them. Methods of producing these incorrect statements vary. At times the converse of a well-known theorem is presented. In other instances crucial conditions are omitted or altered or incorrect definitions are employed. Incorrect statements are grouped topically with sections devoted to: functions, limits, continuity, differential calculus and integral calculus. This book aims to fill a gap in the literature and provide a resource for using counterexamples as a pedagogical tool in the study of introductory calculus. In that light it may well be useful for high school teachers and university faculty as a teaching resource, for high school and college students as a learning resource, and as a professional development resource for calculus instructors.
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