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Trig or Treat (An Encyclopedia of Trigonometric Identity Proofs with Intellectually Challenging Games)

This encyclopedia contains trigonometric identity proofs for some three hundred identities. The book is presented in the form of mathematical games for the reader’s enjoyment and includes a concordance of trigonometric identities, enabling easy reference.Trig or Treat is a must-have for: ? every student of trigonometry, to find the proofs for trigonometric identities that may be set in class or in exams;? every teacher of trigonometry, to have easy access to trigonometric identities of different levels of difficulty, to set assignments for different levels of students;? every library, to provide a ready resource for students? every aficionado of Sudoku, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, Tetris, and other games, who love an intellectual challenge.
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