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Functional Equations in Mathematical Analysis

The stability problem for approximate homomorphisms, or the Ulam stability problem, was posed by S. M. Ulam in the year 1941. The solution of this problem for various classes of equations is an expanding area of research. In particular, the Read more…

Symmetry and its Discontents (Essays on the History of Inductive Probability)

Symmetry and its Discontents (Essays on the History of Inductive Probability) Download ToanKho:

Number Theory (Structures, Examples, and Problems)

Number theory, an ongoing rich area of mathematical exploration, is noted for its theoretical depth, with connections and applications to other fields from representation theory, to physics, cryptography, and more. While the forefront of number theory is replete with sophisticated Read more…

Olympiad Training Material: Classical Inequalities

Olympiad Training Material: Classical Inequalities Download ToanKho:

Analytic Solutions of Functional Equations

This book presents a self-contained and unified introduction to the properties of analytic functions. Based on recent research results, it provides many examples of functional equations to show how analytic solutions can be found.Unlike in other books, analytic functions are Read more…

Elementary Number Theory (Primes, Congruences, and Secrets)

This is a book about prime numbers, congruences, secret messages, and elliptic curves that you can read cover to cover. It grew out of undergr- uate courses that the author taught at Harvard, UC San Diego, and the University of Read more…

Combinatorics (Topics, Techniques, Algorithms)

Combinatorics is a subject of increasing importance because of its links with computer science, statistics, and algebra. This textbook stresses common techniques (such as generating functions and recursive construction) that underlie the great variety of subject matter, and the fact Read more…

Principles and Standards for School Mathematics

An important tool and guide for teachers and education professionals. Updates the messages of NCTM’s previous Standards. Shows how student learning should grow across four grade bands-pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Incorporates a clear set of principles and an increased Read more…

An Introduction to Diophantine Equations (A Problem-Based Approach)

This problem-solving book is an introduction to the study of Diophantine equations, a class of equations in which only integer solutions are allowed. The presentation features some classical Diophantine equations, including linear, Pythagorean, and some higher degree equations, as well Read more…

Inequalities – (Popular Lectures in Mathematics)

Inequalities – (Popular Lectures in Mathematics). English translation 1975 from 1974 Russian edition. Printed in the USSR. 75 pp Download ToanKho: