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International Mathematical Olympiads 1986-1999

The International Mathematical Olympiad competition is held every year with the final taking place in a different country. The final consists of a two day exam with the contestants being challenged to solve three difficult problems each day. This book Read more…

Polish and Austrian Mathematical Olympiads 1981-1995

Polish and Austrian Mathematical Olympiads, 1981-1995: Selected Problems with Multiple Solutions Download ToanKho:http://123link.pro/7I2Z http://megaurl.in/qYgeRt98

The USSR Olympiad Problem Book (Selected Problems and Theorems of Elementary Mathematics)

This book contains 320 unconventional problems in algebra, arithmetic, elementary number theory, and trigonometry. Most of the problems first appeared in competitive examinations sponsored by the School Mathematical Society of the Moscow State University and the Mathematical Olympiads held in Read more…

The Colorado Mathematical Olympiad and Further Explorations

This book dramatically (by a factor of 2.5) expands its predecessor, the 1994 Colorado Mathematical Olympiad: The First Ten Years and Further Explorations. It conveys the spirit and the exciting history of the competition as well as an outline of Read more…

Algebra Through Problem Solving

This book is an outgrowth of the authors’ work in conducting problem solving seminars for undergraduates and high school teachers, in directing mathematics contests for undergraduates and high school students, and in the supervision of an undergraduate research participation program. Read more…