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A good source of knowlege for geometry students. There is some wear and tear inflicted on the book, but not enough to keep it form functioning as a learning guide and source. Download ToanKho:

Classical Geometries in Modern Contexts (Geometry of Real Inner Product Spaces)

The focus of this book and its geometric notions is on real vector spaces X that are finite or infinite inner product spaces of arbitrary dimension greater than or equal to 2. It characterizes both euclidean and hyperbolic geometry with Read more…

Geometry for Enjoyment & Challenge (Student Edition)

McDougal Littell Geometry for Enjoyment & Challenge: Student Edition Geometry 1991 by MCDOUGAL LITTLE Download ToanKho:

College Geometry (An Introduction to the Modern Geometry of the Triangle and of the Circle)

Translated into many languages, this book was in continuous use as the standard university-level text for a quarter-century, until it was revised and enlarged by the author in 1952. World-renowned writer and researcher Nathan Altshiller-Court (1881–1968) was a professor of Read more…

Introduction to the Geometry of Complex.Numbers

Geared toward readers unfamiliar with complex numbers, this text explains how to solve the kinds of problems that frequently arise in the applied sciences, especially electrical studies. To assure an easy and complete understanding, it develops topics from the beginning, Read more…

Japanese Temple Geometry (Typical Sangaku Problems)

Japanese Temple Geometry (Typical Sangaku Problems) – Tony Rothman Download ToanKho:

Linear Algebra Through Geometry

This book introduces the concepts of linear algebra through the careful study of two and three-dimensional Euclidean geometry. This approach makes it possible to start with vectors, linear transformations, and matrices in the context of familiar plane geometry and to Read more…

Machine Proofs in Geometry (Automated Production of Readable Proofs for Geometry Theorems)

This book reports recent major advances in automated reasoning in geometry. The authors have developed a method and implemented a computer program which, for the first time, produces short and readable proofs for hundreds of geometry theorems.The book begins with Read more…

Geometry with Trigonometry

Geometry with Trigonometry by Barry, Patrick D Download ToanKho:

Problem-Solving and Selected Topics in Euclidean Geometry (In the Spirit of the Mathematical Olympiads)

“Problem-Solving and Selected Topics in Euclidean Geometry: in the Spirit of the Mathematical Olympiads” contains theorems which are of particular value for the solution of geometrical problems. Emphasis is given in the discussion of a variety of methods, which play Read more…